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Southern Art Ceramics

Her work is intimate and has a classic contemporary look, the drawings floats effortlessly over the ceramic canvass, reflecting a purity and uncluttered composition, her ceramic creations is honest and the inviting simplicity will refresh your spirit every time you look at it.

The Dream Figure

When I paint the human figure, I am painting human emotion. The content of these arttiles is not of the figure as such, but the essence of being. I have always been interested in the human state and how one reacts to outside influences, and similarly how these influences act on the human spirit.

I begin each piece from an impulse and desire for discovery, unearthing the hidden form by way of line and volume. I consequently seek to relate the image I see through building up, and at times taking away layers using line, graphic or emotive; colour, bold or monotone; and with texture created by manipulating the layers until the image reveals itself.

It is as if each arttile has a story to tell.

Cats have been with us for thousands of years, from as far back as Egyptian time where they were worshiped, till today where any cat lover worth his/her salt will agree that cats are still revered and served while gracing us with their charm and companionship. 

The hand made ceramic art boxes and tiles are ideal for indoor or outdoor display, featuring individual cat portraits with a jewel like quality to accentuate the noble bearing of cats. The focus must squarely rest on the cat whether it be in a pensive mood, at play, at rest, grooming or in a whimsical moment I want these portraits to continue intrigue you.


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