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Southern Art Ceramic Design specializes in bespoke design and production of ceramic wares, having built an ever growing reputation for our custom made tiles. Over and above producing the ceramic or clay substrate, we then work in several applied decorative disciplines, including hand painting, screen printing and special glaze effects; often combining one or more technique to achieve the desired end result. To strengthen our ability and widen our range, we are including 3D design and 3D printing of prototypes to our manufacturing process, which will pave the way for large scale 3 dimensional projects, taking us into the realm of decor and lighting products.

Some projects we have been involved in over the last few years; include:

Commercial Projects for Famous Brands - Woolworths, Dioppio Zero, TASHAS, Piza e Vino, Nandos, Tribeca and many more, were successfully delivered over the past 3 years. Working in collaborating with Design Teams like Design Partnership, Earthworld Architects, Tilt Design, Egg Design, Idia Interior Design, Anatomy Design, Experience Makers…and others.
TASHAS Nicolway, TASHAS V&A, TASHAS Brooklyn, TASHAS Waffle House - Constantia, Oyster Box - Decorative Floral Panels at pond, Carlton Blo & Go, Nandos Parktown, Nandos West Street - Durban, Parrots Wonderpark - Pretoria, Spice Route Tile Panels, The Brewery - 14 on Chartwell, Lighthouse Mall Umhlanga, to mention a but a few, are addresses you can Hot Foot to.

Residential Projects - working in close collaboration with Interior Designers and architects like Graham Viney, Sarah Watermeyer, Tilt Design, Camilla Fraser Designs, Jane Visser Architects, Joe van Rooyen, Johann Slee, Andrew Finlayson Architects, Lucia Brain, and many more, our tiles have added a unique touch of elegance and sophistication to their clients’ homes. 

Custom wares are designed and produced according to briefs received from clients or professional teams. With an ever growing skill set, and 30 years experience in ceramics, our artists can manipulate the complex nature of ceramic processes to achieve a vast multitude of pleasing finishes.

Combining this with our design services, we create and deliver unique projects, for clients all around the world.

Working mainly to high-fired finishes our tiles are vitrified ensuring durability and permanence and are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions.

Be so kind to make an appointment for visits at our studio, Southern Art Ceramics, no. 8 Hemel en Aarde Village, 13 Village Lane, Hermanus.

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